Like other sectors such as health, education or public security for example, the agricultural sector and the activities carried out in its delivery, has its own characteristics and peculiarities. From its infancy around ten thousand years ago, agriculture has been about people – how they respond to their changing environment in ways that allow them to survive, organize, develop technologies, evolve socially, and prosper. Since its modest beginnings, the agricultural sector has become increasingly complex and multi-faceted. The challenge agriculture faces today is how to feed the world population in an equitable manner while protecting the environment from irreversible negative changes.

In its attempt to address this multidisciplinary challenge, agriculture must span the biological and earth sciences, engineering, the social sciences, and include anthropology and economics. This means that any given agricultural development project may include planning, target group inclusion, research, management, soil enhancement, agronomic practices, field operations, storage, processing, and distribution, as well as policy and regulatory demands, food security, the reduction of hunger, enhanced nutrition, incomes and living standards, the status and role of women, fair access to suitable agricultural land and the food harvested from it, and the protection of that land, water sources, and the broader environment.

Any single agricultural project or program is necessarily part of a highly complex, interrelated system. To deliver utility and value, evaluation in the agricultural sector must take into account contextually sensitive issues. This means that in addition to the adoption of the more generic evaluation approaches of the social sciences (including anthropology and economics), evaluation practice applied to agricultural research and development has also required the adaptation and development of more closely-tailored options and tools to meet its peculiar needs.


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  • That evaluation should promote learning and understanding of process and impacts
  • That it must complement any other evaluation activities taking place within the department, such as routine cost–benefit analysis
  • That data collection and analysis should only occur when the findings can be and are used
  • Evaluation establishes criteria for judging the progress .
  • Evaluation help in determining the cost benefit activities . It enables the evaluator to measure progress in term of money spent on it.
  • It provides data how the public money is being spent.
  • Evaluation makes available in written form , results of the programme for general public use . Effective evaluation of the programme will always emphasize on sharing results with the interesting individuals.
  • Evaluation avoids waste of time and money in the programme and promotes general efficiency.
  • Participatory learning and action
  • Participatory rural appraisal
  • Evaluation provides a bench mark for future programming; it also helps upgrade the individuals involved in the programmes. It furnishes information on who contributes the most in the programmes

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Install a trunk guard at the base of the tree to keep works its seds nutrient and water system from being cut. Trunk ours guards also …

Install a trunk guard at the base of the tree to keep works its seds nutrient and water system from being cut. Trunk ours guards also…

Install a trunk guard at the base of the tree to keep its nutrient andwater system from being cut. Trunk guards also protect trees from rodents and other small animals.

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